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Because we build every single deck the way we would if we were building it for our own home. Maverick Decks uses a common-sense process to build you a fine custom deck. We use the highest quality materials and accessories to bring your vision to life, no matter what that vision might be.
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Design & Build Process


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2-5 business days after Consultation

3D Design

Optional 3D mockup of deck


Scheduled prior to job date


Commencing on project start date


Immediately after foundation


Next day after framing


Immediately after decking


Beauty and durability do not always come hand-in-hand. Maverick Decks settles for no less. As the leading maintenance-free deck builder in Calgary, we utilize cutting-edge composite and PVC products to ensure your deck can stand the test of time, and looks good doing it.


Mineral-based composite material holds less heat than other composite deck board materials. Its unique cap contains infrared reflective materials to reduce solar heat gain. Provides the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio and enhanced traction is the best on the market.

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Pressure-Treated Wood

A good option when price is a key consideration, premium pressure-treated wood decking can be stained to fit your style and is often kiln-dried before and after pressure treatment.

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For those focussed on a natural wood look and comfortable doing some maintenance work, Cedar is one of our favourite decking options. Cedar is rot-resistant, does not absorb much water, and makes for a gorgeous classic look. Resealing every few years is necessary, but a properly cared for cedar deck can look exceptional for a decade or more.

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Similar to Composite options, PVC decking products are immune to stains, discolouration, and mould, but unlike Composite, PVC decking does not contain any wood ingredients and is fully plastic. This means that it is lighter than Composite, more scratch resistant and superior traction. Fifty year warranties are common among PVC suppliers, and PVC decks tend to stay cooler on your feet than Composite.

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Our use of maintenance-free decking options has been directly inspired by the quality and variety of composite decking products on the market. Composite decking is made up of wood and plastic, encapsulated by plastic. This combination results in beautiful colours, shades and patterns, while eliminating fading, warping, splintering, and other drawbacks of traditional wood decking.

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Deck Types

As part of the assessment process, we will work with you to determine the best type of deck for your outdoor space. We will factor the landscape, your house, and your budget into the decision process, and design a deck that is perfect for you.


If you have a walkout basement, there are a number of reasons to put care and attention into your decking choices. Your deck will act as a shelter for the basement entrance, so it is important to consider water management, so that water is not dripping onto the entrance. Additionally, stairs and lighting both play key roles in the design and build of walkout decks.

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Ground Level

The most classic type, ground level decks require planning to ensure natural transitions from indoor to outdoor to lawn/garden/ground. They also present some of the greatest opportunities for add-ons like hot tubs, which must be considered during the planning process.

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Multi-Level decks have become increasingly more common as decking materials and accessories have improved in quality, and we see every multi-level deck as an opportunity to stretch our design muscles. Vertical flow is something we keep in mind when considering the stairway and lighting requirements of multi-level decks.

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Deck Accessories

Many decks are defined by their finishing touches: accessories like lighting, privacy walls, stairs, and railings. We take pride in every detail of our work, and accessories present a final opportunity to wow your family and guests alike.


Why add a beautiful pergola to your deck? Living in one of the world’s sunniest cities seems to be justification enough to us. Pergolas provide shade against the harsh summer sun, and can be decorated with lights to create a magical outdoor environment.

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Privacy Walls

If you would like to maximize the privacy and intimacy of your outdoor space, then a privacy wall is likely to be the best way to ensure your space always feels like it is yours and yours alone. Privacy walls can also be more than functional, acting as a design feature to further improve the look of your outdoor space.

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Going beyond their defined purpose, stairs are an opportunity to introduce beautiful shapes and finer detail to your deck. We frequently bring colour into play to create depth of character, and introduce creative approaches such as box steps and cascading stairs.

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Your outdoor space should be just as comfortable and enjoyable at night as it is during the day. Expertly designed and installed lighting products make this possible.

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Safety and style wrapped up in one, railings ensure no one takes a tumble off your deck, but they also give you an opportunity to express your style. Railings can can range from understated subtlety, featuring panes of glass, or decorative and elegant, featuring wrought iron or metalwork.

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